food safety


Mary’s Harvest Fresh Foods, Inc. has developed and implemented excellent food safety programs and practices to ensure that we provide the freshest and safest products available to our customers. Our Company takes all reasonable measures and precautions to ensure food safety and consistent education and training throughout the company.

The facility operates under FDA, USDA regulations, Oregon Tilth Organic Standard and a HACCP based quality system program that is independently audited by third party institutions following Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) – Safe Quality Foods (SQF) standards. Under these rigorous standards, Mary’s Harvest Fresh Foods, Inc. maintains many pre-requisite food safety programs. We validate the effectiveness of our food safety and quality managements systems through internal and external audits processes recognized Global Standards.

We believe that food safety begins in the field. We monitor our produce continually and only accept product from farmers and suppliers that uphold our philosophy and maintain the unbroken cold chain and good manufacturing practices.



For Food Safety inquiries contact our Director of Food Safety.

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