our story

Did you know that at Mary’s Harvest we’re all about family?

And it all begins with Mary Spada, who was well before her time. During World War II, with $15 and a vision of feeding her family healthier eating options, Mary began making packages of shredded cabbage and carrots in her home’s bathtub.

Mary knew she wasn’t the only woman who yearned for better options for her family. Her goal was to come home after a long day at work and see her family smile. She wanted to know where her family’s food came from, and that it was fresh, healthy, and packed full of nutrition.

Fast forward 70 years. Using Mary’s vision of creating quality meals, we established Mary’s Harvest Fresh Foods, Inc. in 2012. We continue to develop our hand-cut fruits and vegetables, grab and go, and meal replacement items to give customers the convenience that is healthy, fresh, and local.

Today, Mary’s Harvest is keeping with current trends in the marketplace by becoming one of the first brands to sell certified organic fresh-cut fruits and vegetables. Launched in May 2016, our new line, Mary’s Organic Harvest, offers the perfect complement to Mary’s Harvest.

Every organic product is hand-cut in a USDA certified facility where it receives the “USDA Certified Organic” sticker. At Mary’s, we take quality seriously; it starts with our team hand-selecting every piece of produce to make certain all of it is picked at the peak of freshness. We test and document everything — from the product’s size to its flavor — so you can be certain you are receiving the best when choosing Mary’s.

A lot may have changed in seven decades, but we know that Mary Spada’s vision of fresh and easy meals is still relevant in today’s market, and will continue to be for years to come.

We go “Back to Our Roots,” to push ourselves forward in offering the freshest quality items.



Striving to fit into our customers’ busy lives by providing fresh, quality meal-solutions to satisfy any occasion.